Job Information on Nada Seminar

We believe your great performance and success in improving English-speaking skills of Japanese junior and senior high-school students.

Nada Seminar is a small cram school run by a sole proprietor, Masahiro Sakamoto, located in Kobe, Japan. He has been supporting senior-high-school students who make efforts to pass the entrance examinations of their first-choice university by teaching them English and Japanese exclusively for about eight years. He aims to recruit excellent online English-speaking staff members who can help Japanese students improve their English-speaking skills, develop interest in speaking English and express their opinions in English.

Work Contents

  • Provide 10, 15, 25-minute English lessons to Japanese junior and senior high-school students.
  • Prepare for the lessons like checking the speaking level of students and lesson contents
  • write and submit the detailed report regarding the lessons, including your evaluation of students’ attitudes and performance, their dictation you take, words of encouragement and the scores of tests etc.

Lesson Contents

  • Mainly, provide students with lessons for Eiken Test, one of the most widely used English-language testing programs in Japan. You need not always know about the Eiken Test in detail because you can be given the opportunities of hands-on training about it before starting your lessons
  • Free talk lessons about just a little academic topics such as literature, arts, music, sports, education, politics, economics, international relations, environmental issues, health, medicine, technology, science etc.
  • TOEFL lessons
  • TOEIC lessons etc.

Other Job Responsibilities

  • Go online 15 minutes before your first class
  • Maintain good attendance record
  • Attend training as needed

Job Requirements

  • A near-native command of English, including clear accent and pronunciation with good communication skills
  • A headset with noise cancellation and webcam
  • A laptop or desktop computer with Windows 10 / MAC OS
  • A high-speed Internet connection with a speed of at least 3 Mbps
  • With or without proficiency in the Japanese language
  • A working environment suitable for online classes to students
  • Work for at least 3 hours a day,17:00~20:00(PST), for 5 days a week
  • A PayPal account

  • hoped to start your work on the first day of May in 2021, the opening day of the site
    Your work time could be subject to change after talks, depending on the increase of the number of students


  • For particulars regarding your hourly pay and month’s salary, apply to the office.
  • Could receive monthly incentives
  • Unbooked slots will be paid if you teach for less than 3 hours.
  • Based on your work performance and attitude, pay rates could be increased gradually.

  • In trial period, 10 days, you will receive 50 % of your pay rates as a trainee.

The End.